Are you a Sri Lankan? If you are a person from Sri Lanka and looking for a Sri Lanka telegram group link to communicate with your community, this is the telegram channel for you. This is the platform where you can find people of your nation under a common roof through an app that will enable you to communicate and understand each other better.

How to join Srilanka Telegram Group

  • please install telegram first everyone
  • Now you open Telegram app first
  • Now click in the search bar in the app
  • Now search Sri Lanka Telegram group in it
  • As soon as you search you will find many groups for Sri Lanka
  • Now choose the any Telegram Sri Lanka group 
  • Now click on join button
  • smile you are now a member of the group

Rules of All Srilanka Telegram Groups

  • This group is specially for Sri Lanka
  • All group members must follow all the rules
  • The only people allowed are Sri Lankans.
  • All information about Sri Lanka must be related to the country.
  • Keep irrelevant information out of the group.
  • Always show respect to everyone.