Hello friends, Welcome to wwwgrouplinksearch.com this time we are back with a WhatsApp guide to delete a WhatsApp group that you have created.

We will be explaining everything in detail with the help of an image and video guide so that you can understand it easily

For some reasons, you have created a group and now you no longer want the group and want to delete it but you are new to the group and don’t know how to delete it.

so simply follow the below steps and know how to delete a group created by you.

Thing to know before deleting a Whatsapp Group.

  • once the group is deleted you can no longer access that group again.
  • You have to manually remove the group members if there are any
  • The deleted group will lose group image and group name as well


  1. First of all, select the group you want to delete.
  2. Now make an announcement in the group that you are going to delete it and want everyone to exit the group
  3. Remove the people who didn’t leave by themselves
  4. Once all the members are removed open the group setting and scroll down till the end
  5. Select the option Exit the group. That’s it.

Or else you can simply exit the group by yourself after making someone as that group admin and you no longer will be in the group.

Note: If the group is very new and there are no members then you can simply exit the group.